Craig Stevenson - Lead Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica. His enjoyment of the performance is plain to see, with lots of dancing, hat wearing and audience interaction that helps to create the unique atmosphere of the JD’s

Rob Driver - Bass, & Backing Vocals. Mr Cool with his trademark sunglasses, Fedora and Fez, Rob is a talented Guitarist and Bass Player  who keeps  pumping out those tight Ska bass lines throughout the night.

Nij Damant - Drums and Vocals.  Master of the stix and the powerhouse drummer behind the JD’s sound, Nij is a much  accomplished drummer and sound engineer who takes the JD’s performances to a whole new level.

Paul Squire - Tenor and Alto Saxophone. When it comes to Saxophone and Ska this is the man. With  stand out solos the infectious sounds of Ska are brought to life.  This talented young sax player gives the JD’s their trademark sound that never fails to gets audiences skanking the night away.

Andy Jackson - Guitars & Backing Vocals. Andy is a mean bass player and a rocking guitarist to boot. As a time served musician, he is the rhythm back bone to  the JD’s sound and is never happier than when he’s po-going around the stage.

Dave Green - Trumpet. Trumpet Player extrordinare, Dave  is the  6th Member of the Band, Joining in with us when The JD’s go LARGE.

Becci- Sound Engineer  A highly experienced Sound Engineer and Events Coordinator . You will spot Becci equipped with IPad mixing desk, moving through the crowd setting up and controlling that JD’s sound to perfection.

Maggie (One Shot) - Photography &  PR. Maggie is the life and Soul of the JD’s Party. Spot her out in the Audience, expertly snapping pictures of you having fun at the JD’s gig.   

Meet the Girls behind the band

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